Who We Are

The Success Group is one of Ohio’s most influential public affairs and lobbying firms. For nearly three decades, our integrity, political savvy, high standards and deep knowledge of the workings of government have helped our clients achieve their goals. Our enterprise and forward thinking have enabled us to thrive in today’s uncertain environment of term limits.

Who we are and how we do things cannot be separated. Our longevity is built as much on our carefully guarded reputation as on our proven ability to achieve client objectives.

Most importantly, we earn our clients’ trust and confidence. That’s why we have been privileged to represent over the years more than 250 businesses, trade associations and non-profit agencies. Our reputation is in their hands.

What We Do

The Success Group's core competency is lobbying. We advocate for clients who have interests before the state legislature and Ohio's executive agencies.

We use our political knowledge and experience to help our clients understand where they are, see where they need to go and build a strategy for success. We represent them before legislators and other policymakers and guide them through the complexities of the legislative, procurement and regulatory processes in order to achieve their goals. Ultimately, when we do our job right, everyone wins.